Shh…it’s the sex talk

Do you remember the talks as a kid/teenager? The embarrassment of sitting there while your mom (or dad) discussed the birds and the bees with you? Or the uncomfortableness of hearing your parents talk about penises (or is it peni?) and vaginas? I remember. It was the single (well…multiple) most awkward moment(s) of my pathetic teenage years. I hate the books, the pamphlets and just hearing the words penis and vagina coming out of my mother’s mouth. Thank God dad didn’t feel it necessary to give me talks either. That probably would have been even more embarrassing.

I remember sitting there going, “MOOOOMMMMMM!” But I endured and at least like to think I’m more informed on sexual situations because of it.

Did your parents have that talk with you? My mother did. At least once a month from the time I turned 12 until I was 18. I was a very well-informed teenager. I remained a…virgin…until I was almost 20. Oh, yes I did use that word. Virgin. Continue reading “Shh…it’s the sex talk”

Deadly words

A few days ago a friend posted the 5 Deadly Words a Woman could use. I had to borrow it for my blog and add a few more.

They made me giggle but they’re true. If you ever hear these words uttered by a woman, know you’re in trouble. These words are usually accompanied by arms being folded over the chest, hands on the hips, a tapping foot and/or narrowing of the eyes and a scowl on the face. If you see any of those followed by one of these phrases, you’re in big trouble. Continue reading “Deadly words”