Some Summer Fun in Style

Today I’m bringing you something fun.

A guest post!

I’ve hosted these folks before and they have an AWESOME product. LIMOS! I’m going to let them tell you about some super awesome events coming up in the Pittsburgh area this summer. With their help and their fleet of party busses and limos, you can take not just your family but your extended family or your friends kids out for a time of their lives and NOT break the bank!

Check them out and plan some awesome family adventures in the summer of 2018!

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Project 412

As we know there have been a lot of changes to Kennywood in the past year. A lot. Some good, some have had Pittsburghers up in arms.

We don’t like change. It takes us a while to get warmed up to it. Sometimes we just don’t. *cough, cough* Garfield’s Nightmare *cough, cough*

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The Crucial Encounters

I’ve been in the customer service business for…well my entire working life. That’s almost 18 years of smiling and helping folks out in various places from restaurants to my current position of semi-boss lady at a great place with a promising future.

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